You've been dumped at Camp Greenwood, self-proclaimed vacation destination extraordinaire. But looks like your parents don't like you much, because this place sucks.

We briefly considered a commercial release since we ended up enjoying this project quite a lot, but in light of recent events and all of us being stuck at home being bored, we decided to release it for free. Still, let us know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more games of this nature in the future!


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got all the five endings and damn this game's sick.. 

as well as the characters :///


kyle disappeared o h  n o



(i really liked this game, good job!)


I chose to sit with Katie on the 2nd day of camp and was talking to her when I got an exception - "NameError:name 'katy_neg' is not defined.". 

Nice story though. I liked where it was going. Would have played till the end if the game would allow me. Thanks!

Ah, thank you for letting me know! That is indeed a leftover from renaming Katy to Katie, which apparently I didn't do properly with a Replace All. I uploaded a fixed and slightly expanded version. If you have saves from before that point, you should be able to continue with your playthrough. Thanks again!